The Annual Business Plan Competition

The MUBS Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Hub welcomes university students, and innovaive citizens to participate in developing and pitching a startup idea to a panel of experts/judges for cash prizes through the Business Plan Competition.

Why You Should Participate

Entrepreneurship is a major source of employment and also enables introduction of new products and
services. It also leads to wealth creation.
All human beings have some entrepreneurial potential that has to be discovered, ignited and nurtured.
– Gain access to mentors and and networkingoppotunities
– Develop a refined business plan/model
– Network with other entrepreneurs
– Win cash and access to resources
– The winners will be admitted to the hub as resident incubatees for 3 – 6 months to further develop their businesses.

How to Apply/Register

Option 1:

Click here to apply online 

Option 2:

Step 1 – Download the form:- The Annual Business Plan Competition Application Form 

Step 2 – Fill it in by typing and save it or fill it by writing and scan.

Step 3 – Email the filled application form on the Centre email:-

The registration form includes contact information for team members along with a basic description of the proposed business venture:
1. An overview of the product or service.
2. The target market and a description of the customers who might value the products/services offered.
3. The problem that the business is addressing.
4. Advantages this business will have over the competition.
5.  All these should be written on one (1) page.

Submission Deadline

Please note that the deadline for submission of the unique,high value and high impact idea is May 30, 2017 by 5:00pm

The Award

– The award will be given at a show case exhibition organised by the Centre.
– The winners will receive cash prizes.
– The winners will be admitted to the EBIH (incubator) as resident incubatees for 3 – 6 months to further develop their businesses.

Who Can Participate/Eligibility

– The competition is open to university students right from certificate, diploma, undergraduate and graduate levels from all degree programmes
– All innovative citizens.
– Entries should consist of a unique/innovative business idea
– Individuals and groups of 3 – 5 members
– Only applicants with proper national identification will be acceptable.