The 7th Annual Youth Camp and Conference

Camp and Conference Theme:
Securing the Future of the Youth About the Camp and Conference

About the Camp and Conference
It is always said that the future belongs to the youth. Yes, this is true because then, the youth will be old. But today is also their day. The youth must do things today to prepare them for a meaningful future.

Among the key things the United Nations (UN) is talking about is sustainable development; the ability to meet the needs of the current generation without jeopardising the future of the next generation.

This also means that current generation ensures that those that come in the later years shall have resources to use to enable them live in comfort.

This is a long term challenge. The immediate one is to give everybody who wants to work a job. This is primarily giving these young people meaningful jobs to do. Without jobs, you have social unrest, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, and all those evils associated with youth unemployment. To be employed properly, young people need good and relevant education. It is the young people to think through what they require to be able to map out their future.

Where are the Jobs? Getting rid of Youth Unemployment and Unrest, Securing the Future of the Youth

Camp and Conference Sub – Themes
1. The type of education
2. Youth unemployment
3. Challenges facing the youth
4. Leadership
5. Entrepreneurship
6. Career planning

Camp and Conference Mission
To generate solutions to youth challenges

Camp and Conference Goals
The primary goal of the camp is to cause a discussion and generate solutions to issues affecting the youth today to enable them find solutions to today’s challenges and those of the future.

More specifically, the camp will focus on the kind of education the youth are receiving today, why youth
are unemployed and the solutions required. It will generate debate on the causes of youth unrest and the solutions. It will also cause discussion on what sustainable development is and how it can be achieved.

Target Group:
Youth Leaders in Universities and Other Public Tertiary Institutions