• Tailor made Programmes
The Centre conducts tailor made programmes for institutions in the public and private sector in entrepreneurship development and business management among others.

• The Graduates Into Employment Programme (GIEP)
The GIEP is a programme conducted for fresh graduates in preparation for the job market.

• Youth Entrepreneurship Training
»» The Michael Frese Business Creation Programme
The Centre runs a business creation programme for fresh graduates from all universities in Uganda. Participants start and run a business during and after the training.

»» The Patrick Bitature Entrepreneurship Award
The Centre runs an annual entrepreneurship award for students in all universities in Uganda. The best students are awarded cash prizes to start their businesses.

»» The Annual Youth Camp
Every year in January youth are trained in entrepreneurship and leadership skills. This is done jointly by with the Leadership Centre.

»» The Skills Development Programme (SKIDEP)
Students are equipped with practical skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and career development.

Provision of Information

The Centre provides information through the following:

• Business Clinic
The Centre offers a free business clinic services every last Thursday of the month where business owners share with an advisor about their businesses . The process aids in coming up with lasting solutions.

• Resource Centre
The Centre collects relevant information on businesses in form of journals and articles. This information can be accessed on request.

• The Business and Entrepreneurship Network
The Centre hosts monthly breakfast meetings of entrepreneurs where information is shared.


The Centre conducts consultancy in entrepreneurship development , recruitment, and business management for the public sector, private sector and international organizations.


• Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM)
The Centre houses the GEM studies which is an international consortium of researchers in entrepreneurship.

• STEP Project
The Centre belongs to an international consortium of researchers on family business.

• Women Entrepreneurship
The Centre is conducting studies on women entrepreneurs in Uganda.

• Markets
The Centre is studying markets in the country and how they how they aid in poverty reduction.

• Youth Entrepreneurship
The Centre is conducting studies on young people and how they create employment through entrepreneurship.


The Centre shares information through conferences, workshops and seminars. These include:

• The MUBS Women Forum
The Entrepreneurship Centre, Leadership Centre and Career Guidance jointly run the MUBS Women Forum which is a platform that shares thoughts on how to promote women through leadership and entrepreneurship.

• The Annual Entrepreneurship Conference
This is held annually in November. It has several events including the training for entrepreneurship educators, the business and academic conferences and a training for business owners. The conference attracts policy makers, business owners and researchers from different parts of the world.

• Research Seminars
The Centre holds dissemination seminars to share information from the various research projects.